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Cashews Roasted/Salted Large 320

Cashews Roasted/Salted Large 320

  • Cashews Roasted/Salted 160/180
  • Cashews Roasted Salted Medium, Large

Cashews, Salt.

Cashews Roasted/Salted Large 320

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    The best part about eating roasted cashews is that you will get to enjoy the delicious flavor of cashew in its natural form. Once the cashews are roasted, they are lightly sprinkled with salt and this gives a unique taste to the cashews. They are also good for your overall health as it contains many vitamins and antioxidants.

    These properties make it the best choice for an evening snack and you will also be able to add them in different sweet dishes and milk shakes. You can store them for a long time and use them on a daily basis.

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