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Banana Chips

Banana Chips

  • 15 Banana Chips (2)-Compressed
  • 15 Banana Chips (1)-Compressed

Banana Chips

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    Enjoy the beautiful taste of banana chips fried in coconut oil. This is also very good for your health and it is also very light on your stomach. You can comfortably use it as an everyday snack. The Bananas are dried in such a way that it will preserve maximum nutrients and there will be no side effects of eating the chips.

    The crisp chips can also be stored for a long duration when compared to other products. The added Cane sugar gives a unique taste to these chips. Your kids will love the taste and keep asking you for more. You can also add them in other recipes.

    Ingredients – Bananas, Cane Sugar, Banana Flavor Coconut Oil

    • Weight 14 lbs
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      10lb, 1lb, 20lb, 5lb


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